Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day 2017

Steve and Regan, Owen, Alannah and Zoe came for a sleep over, so we're here for Mothers day breakfast.  Vic and Sue skyped in to make the morning complete. 

Regan is not yet releived from pancakes duty... Maybe next year she will be able to lie in and be treated to listening to the kids negotiating over how long you should cook a pancake.

So for 2017 happy mothers day Ella, Gaye Vic, Sue and Regan.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Piano

well not so new. Made in Japan in 1976, it's a Yamaha U1. The U1's (and all Yamahas products) from that era I understand are highly regarded. This was a time in Yamahas history that the aim for the highest quality superceded getting product out at the lowest cost. The previous owner, a professional pianist and composer, purchased it in 2004, so he could still write and play when away from his grand piano.

Without knowing a lot about what to look for in a good second hand piano, I took the risk and purchased it based mainly on the back story and the fact that it was perfectly in tune, according to an app on my iPad. And it sounded good.

So here is a pic.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Magic. Clamps n wood turn into flag mast.

The woods are African Cherry and Sassafras.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trying out a new pan tonight.

Alannah's Bug Catcher

During a recent visit, Alannah spied a little plastic canister and asked if she could use it as a bug catcher. Hmm, I thought, this might be a problem. But, no it wasn't.
Here is the outcome.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Back Home,

Back home now. only causality was my phone. Has a split screen, now only half of the touch screen works. so down to the telephone doctor over the next couple of days.

Trip back from Tassie was great. And timing was like a logistical masterpiece. When travelling from Wineglass Bay to Edistone Point we identified that the fresh waster cooling pump on the motor had blown a bearing. You can run a motor like this for some time, as long as you can put up with the noise it makes. However it will eventually seize causing a bigger repair job than if repaired immediately.

We explored options like going to the nearest port (Beauty Point, 80 miles away) where we could get the necessary parts for the repair, etc but in the end we decided to head for home immediately so as to take advantage of the steady sou'easterly already blowing. This would also allow up to travel thru the notorious Banks Straight with favourable tide and wind.

This turned out to be a good decision. We had favourable wind for the whole trip. As I write, Bass Strait is a millpond.

The wind for the 230 mile passage did as predicted, moving from SE to East averaging  15 to 20 knots and stayed under 30.

As it turned out we arrived at the Rip again with favourable flood tide and came straight in at 0330 along with the Spirit of Tasmania ferry and a couple of commercial ships, this along with pilot boat has the lady on duty at Lonsdale VTS (the Port Phillip Shipping Control and Communications authority) say to us when we called, in "it was to be a busy night even with out us coming thru the entrance as well"

As with the trip with Ryan on Peregrine from Eden  a couple of years ago our crossing coincided the the Tassi Ferry. I didn't get to take a photo this time, or give them a way as they passed 100 meters away, as the staysail clew decided this would be a good time to blow away, and i was on the bow tying it down. Must have looked a bit special for those who were up on the ferry. I recall not just a few photos being taken.

So here ends another great sailing adventure. This time the boat was Bundaberg, John Kint, the owner and skipper, David and Kieren - crew mates and great company and chef/cooks to-boot.