Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 4 still in Manly

But I have a new best friend..  Her name is Phoebe,  and Australian Shepherd.  She belongs to Simon and Cheryl from Duo, whom we me at the Marina Andre doing the trip north. and we are baby sitting Phoebe while they have a night put.  What a lovely dog.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Dreamtime Sail: Crossing the Wide Bay Bar

Dreamtime Sail: Crossing the Wide Bay Bar

While waiting for the sun to come up, I found this excellent post detailing crossing the Wide Bay Bar.
Very impressed. Thanks to Rob and Karen on Dreamtime.

Day 3 Still Hole Up in Manly

Red sky in the morning sailors warning. That kinda sums it up . Beautiful morning here in Manly, light breeze sunshine, some cloud with a beautiful red flow, just perfect, how would you know that just 50 miles away the wind is blowing a gale and at Double island point there have been a couple of gusts up to 50 knots during the night. . Thank goodness for the Internet and BOM.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gallery of Modern Art

So my trip to Brisbane cultural precinct went well. Not so impressed with the museum - lots of dead stuff, and art gallery - much of the gallery had been turned over to offices. But the Gallery of Modern Art was great. I think maybe the floor space of the Art Gallery when I was last there served a dual purpose for art and modern art and has been reduced with the building of a dedicated modern art facility... Who knows?
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Day 2. Off to the Brisbane Art Gallery

The predicted change has finally arrived, 48 hours late and the wind has picked up a fair bit now. At 25 k it's not such a problem as it would be from behind us,  however the swells coming with it preclude any chance of crossing the Wide Bay Bar by the time we arrive should we leave now. The bar will now not be open until Saturday at the earliest according to predictions.

So, it's a lay over day. John has a business meeting to attend, so I'm off to the Brisbane Art Gallery by rain from Manly Stn .  Haven't been there for over 10 years so I'm interested to seen what it is like now and what changes may have occurred.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 1 Spirited 1 Trip to Frazer Island

Arrived  at Manly Qld last night after flying in from a great couple of days staying with Sue and Mikaela John and Collene had brought Spirited One up from Boat Works on the same day, via the inland passage. Just had to dodge overhead power lines.
Forecast not promising so will be hole up here for a couple more days.  The marina is humongous with 1700 pens. All full of big boats. We are enjoying the hospitality of the RQYC. 
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